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Doppler Ultrashall clamp-on Durchflussmesser

Ideal for “Problem Liquids” more than 10 % Solids or air bubbles External Sensor No Contact, No Maintenance U-F-M Doppler Flow Meters monitor the flow rate of dirty or aerated liquids including: wastewater, chemicals, acids, slurries, abrasives and viscous liquids. Recommended for full pipes and any fluid that contains solids or bubbles.

The UFM-50 strap-on sensor is mounted on the outside of a plastic or metal pipe ½ inch / 12.7 mm diameter or larger. To measure flow an acoustic signal is reflected back to the sensor from moving particles or gas bubbles suspended in the fluid.

Installation is easy – without shutting down the flow system. No contact is made with the moving fluid and no pipe cutting or drilling is required. There is no fouling or scale build-up on the sensor. The UFM-50 Doppler Flowmeter includes an ultrasonic sensor, a simple 5-key calibration system, a large digital flow rate display with totalizer, isolated 4-20mA output and two programmable control relays. Data logger and intrinsically safe sensor are optional.

UFM-50 Ultraschall Doppler Durchflussmesser von U-F-M | Ultrasonic Flow Management