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Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

KATflow G

  • Pipe diameter range 10mm to 1,500mm
  • Temperature range for safe area sensors -20 °C to +135 °C, for Ex-sensors -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Portable or fixed installation solutions available
  • Flow velocities 0.1m/s to 70m/s
  • All commonly used pipe materials
  • Pressure range 1bar (absolute) to unlimited maximum
  • Media:Naturalgas,processgas,oxygen,nitrogen,carbon
    monoxide, ethane, hydrogen, air, argon, helium, ethylene, propane, nitrous oxide, saturated steam

KATflow G

The KATflow flowmeters are well established for liquid flow applications and can now be applied for the non- invasive measurement of gases using a unique method which allows the measurement of media not just for high pressure applications but even down to atmospheric conditions.

This is achieved through advances in sensor technology, powerful sophisticated electronics and innovative signal processing algorithms using Digital Signal Processors (DSP’s). Each gas flow measurement application is evaluated in order to determine the most suitable sensors, the best measurement strategy, algorithms and hardware options. Both fixed and portable solutions can be provided for safe and hazardous area use.

The KATflow non-invasive flowmeters work on the transit time ultrasonic principle. This involves sending and receiving ultrasonic pulses from a pair of sensors and examining the time difference, phase and frequency shifts in the signal. Katronic uses clamp-on transducers that are mounted externally on the surface of the pipe and which generate pulses that pass through the pipe wall. The flowing liquid within causes interactions with the ultrasonic signals, which are then evaluated by the flowmeter to produce an accurate flow measurement.

The key principle of the method applied is that sound waves travelling with the flow will move faster than those travelling against it.

The difference in the transit time of these signals is proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently the flow rate.

Since elements such as flow profile, type of gas and pipe material will have an effect on the measurement, the flowmeter compensates for and adapts to changes in the medium in order to provide reliable results.

The KATflow Gas Flow Measurement System uses depending on the application parameters either Shear or Lamb Wave transducers to obtain an optimum Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), therefore it is important that the relevant parameters are evaluated with the help of our Application Datasheet.



  • Measurement on natural gas pipelines
  • Natural gas storage installations
  • Control of compressor stations
  • Measurement of ethane,propane and hydrogen
  • Sour gas measurements
  • Measurement of injection media
  • Synthesised gas flow measurements
  • Compressed air consumption measurements
  • Gas dehydration


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